Yoga & Dance

Becoming a yoga teacher wasn’t something I dreamed off when I was a child.

I always wanted to be a dancer. I started taking dance classes from a very young age. First ballet, then Jazz, Street Dance, and it kind of went from there. I found myself most comfortable within the Hip Hop arena testing and trying different things and working on several projects. I also kept doing ballet to work on my posture and overall execution of movement. I just loved it and still do (more so than ever before) and looking back I probably would have decided to study it at uni. 

As it turned out I didn’t study it and I never became a professional dancer as such, but I always come back to it and to date never miss an opportunity to take classes whenever I can.

It was through dance that I learned about yoga when we started incorporating it into our training. Back then I couldn’t really get my head around it, but I kept doing it. There was something to it that I enjoyed even though I couldn’t tell what it was.

Pranayama at Santosha Yoga Institute

About two years ago I found myself practicing every single day and when life turned upside down giving me an opportunity to start again, I decided to go on a Yoga Teacher Training.

One of the best decision I’ve ever made.

As soon as I got back I jumped into the yoga teacher community and the universe must have known it was the right time. Since then I have been enjoying many wonderful opportunities to teach and wouldn’t want to miss any one of them.

This also has led me to get back into dancing more frequently. A while ago I accepted the offer to teach barre and seem to find more and more options to dance since then.