How lucky are we to have all these amazing places around the world to explore and learn from?

I caught a serious travel bug in my teenage years and ever since can’t keep my feet still.

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Need some serious inspiration?

There is so, so much to see and the more we connect with one another, the more we realise that there are just more and more spots we need to add to our travel list, right?

Yet, sometimes we need to sit tight and step out of our travel life. At least, I do. I wished I could travel and not worry about work haha But even in times when I do settle in one place, I make sure to stay inspired with what might be next on my journey.

You won’t be disappointed browsing through Let’s Travel Somewhere. This site brings together some pretty impressive stories, photos, and blog posts from travelers all around the world.

My Travel Inspo, of course, needs to be mentioned here, too. Just looking at the images makes you want to pack your suitcase already. The site also provides some great tips for travelers and a great selection of the go-to spots in your favourite destinations.


For a great selection of Yoga retreats, go to Happy Yoga Travels.

Quite similar but expanding into all sorts of retreats is the Retreat Guru. You can choose between Yoga, Meditation, Health, Movement, and so many more specified retreat options – you sure find something.

Also, keep an eye out on what’s going on in your country. Sometimes we tend to look over the borders and missing some incredible opportunities in our very own country. Plus, a retreat doesn’t necessarily have to be a full week of getting away. There are a lot of wonderful one-day or weekend retreats allowing you to recharge and reset.

Sharing Your Experiences

Do you love writing about your trips? Or maybe you create some fantastic photos or videos? You probably have your channels already set up to share your memories with the rest of the world. If it’s something you haven’t considered yet, but would like to give it a go, just do it.

It’s so easy nowadays to set up a blog or platform where you can upload your content for others to access. Just like WordPress – you can set up your very own blog in a few minutes.

If you’re a little more serious about it, check out sites like Lonely Planet and becoming one of their contributors.

There are also plenty of agencies who are looking for travel writers. If that’s you, browse online and put yourself out there.