Every Second Counts

There is so much power in being present, so much freedom when letting go of what happened or might happen. Simply focusing on the seconds as they tick along. We then start to appreciate what is happening right now and the opportunities we are given each and every single day to be ourselves.

How gratitude tops any New Year’s resolution

Besides all the goal setting there is one thing that I find much more important: GRATITUDE. Giving our full presence to all the things we already have and all the wonderful people that surround us right now, THAT can take away much much pressure from wanting to have more or feeling the need for something different, better.

Creating a Toolbox for Life – Yoga Immersion with Adele Kinghan

How great would it be if more people were just happy with who they are? Not comparing to others, not talking down on themselves, not doubting themselves? But instead have the inner strength, the trust, and love to look after themselves and live life simply as the wonderful human being they are...?