Your Sweet Life Toolbox

Publishing my first e-book has been an exciting time. This book is for anyone, who wants to live life in the most fulfilling way. Inside are tips, tricks, and suggestions to living YOUR best life, your sweet life as I like to call it.

Each chapter includes simple exercises for you to complete in order to help you on your journey towards a healthy, happy life. Like a toolbox you can go back to when life gets a little tricky. On top of that, I added my favourite cooking tips and a few awesome, simple recipe ideas for you to experiment with.

After finding that a lot of “guidance” books go on and on about the same thing for pages, I wanted to create something that is short and sweet; straight to the point, but at the same time giving enough room to relate back to yourself.

We all have moments when things don’t go our way and at times life can appear to be an impossible task to handle. I’ve been there myself and hope that this book helps people like you and me to find our way back and enjoy life for the beautiful gift it is.

Get your copy now for only $4.99 and start your journey of living your sweet life.
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