Who doesn’t love a good meal or snack?
Is there anything better than having nutritious, yummy food in front of you?

I love trying out new recipes and experimenting with alternative creations to the common favourites. My thinking is the less processed, the better. I love fresh, REAL ingredients that don’t have a list of weird preservatives attached.

Thanks to the internet there is so much good stuff available nowadays helping us to do magic in our kitchen treating our bodies to some incredible recipes.


There is a lot of great stuff happening right now in terms of nutrition and what we should or shouldn’t eat. I love seeing more and more people steering away from the low-fat, low-carb diets. I’ve been following Sarah Wilson a lot and have bought most of her books. Sarah is not only incredibly intelligent and smart the way she delivers her well researched information, she also has a great sense of humor never missing the spot to keep it real. Check out my review of two of her cook books.

When talking about food, nutrition and overall well-being Dr. Libby is someone we cannot leave out of this. You probably know her from her outstanding delivery of books and seminars on hormones, women’s health, and stress reduction. I enjoy reading her books as she has such a unique talent of putting even the most complex processes into simple terms for everyone to understand.

If you are looking for something specific, browse online and do a bit of your own research. I like to check for myself what information is out there always keeping my critical thinking hat on (sometimes too much information can also mean we easily accept everything we’re exposed to right away…).


Next to Sarah Wilson and Dr. Libby who both provide an awesome collection of nutritious recipes, there are thousands of amazing cooks and recipe creators out there.

I recently bought Lee Holmes’ book “Supercharge Your Life” in which she not only provides easy, delicious recipes, but also a great view on what it means to lead a healthy life as a whole.

Of course, there is Instagram feeding us daily with mind-blowing food creations. Yet, I like to steer away from social media as much as I can and turn to blogs or recommendations from friends & family.

If you haven’t checked out Minimalist Baker yet, please do.

And LL Balanced is also worth a look.

Some other favourites on my recipe collection list are: Nadia Lim, Jessica Sepel, Natural Harry, and Elsa’s Wholesome Life.