Upcoming Events

Aim’n Sunset Run, Mount Maunganui

After wonderful sessions over the last few months, I’m excited to be back for the next round on 11th December 2019.

It is a fantastic event bringing together a community of dedicated, lovely women. Besides joining a 5k fun run, you receive some goodies as part of your registration, plus a free yoga session with me 🙂

Plus, did I mention the location? It couldn’t be any better having the best view over the ocean from the Mount Lifeguard Club.

Book your tickets here and I see you there.

Past events

Aim’n Sunset Run, Mount Maunganui

Aim'n Sunset Run, Mount Maunganui on 8th August 2019
Happy times with the participating women just before starting their 5k run

I am lucky enough to be part of the Aim’n Sunset Run, Mount Maunganui. Not only do I get to meet a bunch of beautiful, ambitious ladies, but also am I able to share the passion of Yoga with a wonderful community.

Team chat before kicking off the Aim'n Sunset Run in Mount Maunganui
Aim’n Sunset Run Mount Maunganui, August 2019

After a 5k run, all participants are invited to a Yoga session. It is a gentle flow focusing on poses, especially, supportive of runners. A lot of the ladies never have done any Yoga classes before, but giving options to modify makes it accessible for everyone.

I thoroughly enjoy these events and can’t wait to be back for the next round.

Yoga Your Way – Workshop

This workshop was for anyone who enjoys practicing yoga and wanted to know that little bit more to get the most out of their practice.

We talked about the importance of our spine; what flexibility means (and why you don’t need to be super bendy to do yoga); and took a closer look at our breath and how all of this impacts our practice.

We did a nice flow sequence to warm up our bodies and bring awareness to how we feel in our asana, so that we can better understand what works for us and what doesn’t. We also included a relaxation part and had a chat about why Savasana is such an integral part of our practice.

Lastly, we explored and broke down some of the regular poses and discussed adjustments/modifications suited to the individual.

Would you like to join a similar workshop? Get in touch with me.

Sunrise Yoga


Throughout the summer months (December until end of February) we have been coming together at the beautiful Papamoa Main Beach for a morning Yoga session.

Every Wednesday we would greet the sun and start the day in such a wonderful way together.

Depending on the tide we would practice right on the beach taking in that ocean sound up front. It was a bliss!

I can’t wait for next summer to continue our early mornings 🙂

Hens Party Yoga

This was such a beautiful event and I feel very lucky to have been part of it.

A few girls have organised a cute, little hens party for one of their friends who practices yoga and has done a teacher training herself. So they invited me along to hold a yoga session right on the beach tucked away from all the hustle and bustle.

I loved getting a bit creative with this session having them work through poses together and literally feel the support of one another.

Looking for a yoga session at your hens party? I’m happy to have a chat and organise a session tailored to you 🙂