Body & Mind

I am a passionate dancer, surfer, and love moving my body in nature away from any gym equipment. Plus being a qualified Yoga Teacher, my enthusiasm to help others maintain a healthy body & mind is out of question.


If you are looking for some Yoga classes, check out your local studios. I always find it’s great establishing connections with your local community and having teachers that you can get to know beyond the four studio walls.

There is also a lot of great stuff happening online. Check out for their amazing free classes and webinars, outstanding collection of tips and sequences, as well as a diverse variety of courses to sign up to. Click here to view some of their latest free goodies.

Check out my journey of Yoga here.

And if you are thinking about doing a Yoga Teacher Training yourself, check out my blog post about my experience with Santosha Yoga Institute.


I didn’t grow up by the beach and it was only when properly settling in New Zealand that I discovered surfing. Thanks to my partner I quickly grew into a surf addict and love getting out there as much as I can. I am not a pro and I don’t care. I simply love it and am happy to be in the water catching a few waves.

For all the surfer girls out there, this blog by Ruby Meade is a must! Ruby not only has the most amazing tips for your surf journey, she also leads some incredible surf lessons and day events in one of New Zealand’s most famous surf spots Raglan.

If you need a little inspiration, my friend has put together an amazing documentary capturing her passion for surfing and the many lessons she learned from it.


This goes well with Yoga as its a great part of it. Yet, you don’t need to be all bendy and practice Sun Salutations to establish a strong meditation practice.
Meditation is so, so powerful. I have to remind myself over and over again as I tend to easily let it slip and not prioritize. However, meditation doesn’t have to be an hour long process every day. Sometimes a few minutes is enough and you will feel the difference when doing it consistently. That is the key: consistency.

If you need a little help to get started or prefer a guided meditation check out this awesome collection from Embodied Philosophy.

There are also some wonderful Apps out there. Headspace offers an easy 10-day beginner’s course to get you started. Also, have a look at Smiling Mind and their incredible FREE offers for!


Looking to get your body moving a little more? Of course, gyms are plentiful nowadays. However, you can easily fit in a workout at home. YouTube has heaps of online classes from some pretty cool people. You might also find an online platform/provider that fits your expectations and can offer you more tailored content.

Darebee is the go-to place for fantastic workouts, challenges, and super useful tips on nutrition and your fitness goals.

I personally love to check out what my friends and locals are up to as there are so many amazing heads close by offering creative ideas to move our bodies. So make use of our fantastic technology tools and find someone that inspires you. To give you a bit of a head start, check out my friend Ann Wicken given some awesome free workouts and nutrition tips.