Are you happy?

Yes, no, maybe, but, hmmm….whatever your answer might be, I’m glad you stopped by. With this blog I wanted to create a happy space, where I can share – what I like to call – special moments with you. Moments that bring a smile to my face, let my heart jump, and fill me with absolute joy.  At the same time I hope to provide you with some ideas, inspiration, and bring a bit of happiness into your life.

I’ve chosen the title “Me You Happiness” for a very good IMG_0289reason. Everything I share on this blog is about Me, it is about You, and most importantly about Happiness and how you and I share a link to being happy. I truly believe that happiness is surrounding us every single day, but sometimes it doesn’t get the attention it needs to fill us with the amazing feelings that evolve from it.

There are moments every day that make me happy, whether it is seeing a beautiful sunrise in the morning, preparing and enjoying a yummy lunch, or listening to some great music. These moments are there with me and at the same time there is You, the many people around me (and you), who create happy moments for one another – often without even knowing it. We all can create these happy moments that make our day and give us a bit of that positive flow.

Though I sometimes feel that these moments are kept hidden away where we don’t really see them and I guess I am a bit on a mission to bring back that awareness to fully acknowledge these moments; to live a more mindful life; and, eventually, to celebrate happiness.

I hope you enjoy reading and would love to hear from you if you have any feedback, or thoughts to share.

Happy greetings,