Who are you doing it for anyway?

Pressure. Putting yourself under pressure.
Do you know that feeling?

Pressure to be a great employee; pressure to be a wonderful, loving partner; pressure to be an organised parent; pressure to be a caring friend…the list goes on. There are many situations we face that bring us a feeling of being under pressure. We get tense, stressed, maybe even frustrated and agitated.

In a world where it’s so easy to fall into a trap of comparison, it’s no surprise that a lot of us have that feeling of being under pressure.

I want to be like that person. I want to live just like her/him. I need to have fancy clothes for work like my colleagues. I have to train harder to be fit like the rest…
Have you got any thoughts like these?

Where do they come from?
No one is telling us to be that or do this. No one except ourselves.

Finding joy in who we are

Yes, of course, it is great to be ambitious; to follow our dreams and better ourselves. Yet, there is a way to get to the finish line without stressing out. After all, who are we doing it for anyway?

When setting ourselves a goal, we do that. Not anyone else. We choose for ourselves to commit to something so we can achieve a certain outcome. Very often though we get caught by that pressure-bubble and that ends in defining goals that are not really what or who we believe in. They simply represent what we want others to think of us. They are the screaming for attention. When we get caught in that bubble we get that feeling we need to be someone or do something specific to be accepted by the people around us. We lose touch with who we are and instead keep pushing and shaping ourselves into what we think others want us to be.

What if no one actually cared? And most likely, in reality no one does care. If we can allow our mind to accept THAT, pure freedom will follow. Because it is our mind that makes up these thoughts, opinions, and doubts that we are not enough; that there is more to be done.

Why do we have to strive for more and better? Simply being ourselves is so powerful. Not punishing ourselves for not being like him/her; not regretting to having a different daily routine; not worrying about having a unique body shape…simply enjoying the way we are, who we are. Simply doing things because they feel right for our body and soul not only brings joy for ourselves, but it will have a ripple effect on the people around us.

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