Best ice cream EVER

If you happen to be in Rome, Italy, you cannot leave before trying the ice cream (actually gelato) at Gelato San Lorenzo.

So before getting into the details here, is it gelato or ice cream?

For me the two have always been the same and all I knew was that gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. However, authentic gelato compared to usual ice cream uses more milk than cream and eggs as a base. In fact, real gelato I was told usually doesn’t use any egg yolks. Another difference between these two is that ice cream is churned at a faster rate than gelato meaning it contains more air. What’s the quick summary? Gelato usually contains less fat and air than commercial ice cream.

The freshest, most delicious gelato ever

Now back to our favourite gelato store. When visiting Italy it was hot, very hot. Ice cream/gelato signs popped up wherever we went, however, very often all we really craved was water. Most of the days we had 35°C plus. So we somehow managed to not have any ice cream/gelato in the first few days – up until the day we came back from walking about 20km in the burning sun. After having a cold shower and putting our legs up to recover, we knew it was time to get a big treat. Trying some real Italian gelato has been one of the things I was looking forward to when planning our trip and this was just the perfect day to finally go for it. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all, but I love some good, quality ice cream. Plus coming all the way from New Zealand I wanted to make sure we get the best gelato available in the area we were staying. Thanks to Mr. Google it wasn’t hard to find a decent amount of options, but Gelato San Lorenzo stood out by far. Why?

Besides being renowned for making their gelato fresh every day using natural ingredients only, they offer the most amazing flavours based on seasonal produce and cater for a variety of dietary requirements (i.e. vegan, gluten-free). And (as a little side note) they have been named the best gelaterie in Rome by Conde Nast Traveler.

Their pistachio flavour was out of this world; the ricotta was so creamy and soft like biting into a sweet cloud; and their strawberry gelato brought back childhood memories when mum and I went to a strawberry farm to pick the season’s most delicious strawberries. Trust me I have tried a few strawberry ice creams throughout my life and never thought that it’s a “wow’ flavour. Not this one though – this one had WOW written all over it.
Those were just a few of the flavours we tried. I think both my partner and I had five different flavours each and they were all incredible. I recall standing with eyes wide open when having my first little taste, which was of the coconut flavour…yumhmmm

Funny enough this place was a few minutes walk down the road from where we stayed, so we didn’t think twice to go back for more the next day.

Seriously, don’t miss out. Check them out and get yourself the pistachio and maybe a dozen other flavours. You will want to come back for more.

Gelato San Lorenzo, Rome
Via Tiburtina, 6, Rome; +39 06 446 9440

Full menu of deliciousness at Gelato San Lorenzo

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