Creating a Toolbox for Life – Yoga Immersion with Adele Kinghan

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when being accepted into the 100hr Embodied Flow Yoga Immersion with Adele Kinghan. Hearing about the immersion for the first time, I right away was super curious as it didn’t sound like just another Yoga training. 

And let me tell you. It wasn’t. This immersion was so much more than a training programme on Yoga; this was a true journey to our Self in which we were equipped with the most powerful toolbox for life.

But first things first – how did this all came about you might wonder. I can tell you that I am one very lucky young lady. I was practicing at my favourite yoga studio, House of Yoga, where this training had been promoted as it was the hosting venue. I knew that it was something I was eager to do, but I had spent quite a bit of money on my yoga training in Bali a few months earlier and barely had any extra dollars to spend. Then I found out that this programme provided scholarships – yea I thought. I applied for it right away and…didn’t get it haha Oh well, that’s ok, I said to myself. If it’s not meant to be, that’s fine.

I almost had forgotten about it when a week out from the starting date I received an email that an opportunity had come up and I was offered the scholarship!!! You can probably imagine that my heart was exploding with excitement. 

There was about 14 of us coming together for four weekends. It might seem like a short time, but within those few weekends, this group became like a second home. Not only because it felt like a safe environment, but more so we quickly learned that we all have a story that often isn’t too different from someone else’s.

Our lovely group enjoying dinner to celebrate “graduation”

Plus Adele is such an inspiring woman. If you get the chance to meet her, you’ll know what I mean. She’ll make you feel like you’ve known her for years without being overwhelming. She chooses the most beautiful words when talking about yoga, and her advice on those tricky life questions will resonate with you as if there never was any other option to think about.

More than that, we learned so MUCH! I don’t even know where to start. Of course, there was the usual from anatomy, to yoga philosophy, meditation and breathing techniques. Yet, what I loved about this training is how we truly embodied (hence the name) all of that. I know it might sound weird, but whatever we learned in theory, we learned to embody, to bring to life whether through our personal yoga practice or in our every day lives.

I loved how we would discuss each body part, its function, its relationship with the rest of the body, and follow up with an asana practice that was specifically focused on those parts.

I loved that we all learned to appreciate our own unique being, our own style and the way we move, act, behave. It was so great to see that by the end, all of us had discovered techniques and practices that worked well for our own needs. We experimented with “tools” to be ourselves and get back on our own track when life takes a dip. Tools that allow us to be true to ourselves and respond to any emotion, feeling, situation with a clear mind. This could be anything such as:

Studying anatomy with Adele Kinghan
  • journaling
  • pranayama
  • kriya
  • asana
  • mantra and meditation
  • dance (surprisingly many in our group discovered dance to be their thing)
  • going for a walk/swim
  • listening to our favourite music
  • and so on…

We basically were given time to figure ourselves out. Does this sound strange? Maybe. I don’t know.

All I can say is that I wished everyone was given that time, that guidance to do so. To simply not get stuck in thoughts; in the should do and must do; to not worry about life but instead enjoy every single moment of it; to not question themselves but rather have the trust to make the right choices. To understand that there is nothing to be fixed, that nothing is broken. To understand that we might not be a buddha baby, but we can bring peace into our lives. We have a choice and we have the power to write our very own story day in, day out.

Yes, we asked the big questions – What do I truly want in life? What am I afraid of? Why? Why? WHY? This was what made it such an eye opening experience – going through these challenges that we often try to avoid; the discomfort that we don’t want to face when asking these questions. Yet, deep inside we know what is right, but so often we forget or maybe even are afraid to listen to that inner voice and rather stick to what we are being told is ‘good’ for us. 

I am still reflecting on all the learnings and my hope is to be able to pass on at least bits and pieces. How great would it be if more people were just happy with who they are? Not comparing to others, not talking down on themselves, not doubting themselves? But instead have the inner strength, the trust, and love to look after themselves and live life simply as the wonderful human being they are…?

And if we were just to pick one thing, one tool that we know gives us a little bit more clarity and freedom to walk through life, wouldn’t that be powerful? What would you choose?

Within our group we had the privilege to try and test what works and also hear about other journeys. This alone, I believe, is such incredible support – knowing that you are not alone whatever you are facing, but at the same time being there for someone else who needed to be heard.

And such a support network might not be available all the time, but there always is the option to sit down and recap. In our group we finished the first weekend with two simple questions – two questions that stand in relation to writing our own true story and creating new habits that are in line with who we are; two questions that have the ability to lead to more clarity and freedom:

  1. What is one thing I want to, and will, STOP doing from tomorrow?
  2. What is one thing I want to, and will, START doing from tomorrow?

What are your answers to that?

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