Some kind of kindness

Be kind. Something we hear quite often lately. More so than ever before maybe?

Well, there is a good reason for that and it can’t hurt to remind ourselves to be kind every single day. Though what does that actually mean? What does “being kind” look like?

Many yoga classes I’ve been to somehow bring up the concept of kindness, gratitude, or being mindful. All very important and quite interrelated. Yet, not just in yoga, “being kind” almost feels like this wave of a trend that flows through social media, advertising, and people’s conversations. You might have seen or even bought yourself a mug, shirt, or some sort of item with the slogan “be kind”. Great reminder, however, are we then actually being kind?


Of course, there is lots of ways of how we can show being kind to one another – helping a friend, greeting someone passing by on the road, holding the door open for someone else and so on. More than that, the words we choose have such great potential to show kindness. So how does that work? Can get a little tricky hey?
Well let’s step back for a moment and bring it down to the base of kindness, which is – surprise – our very Self.

Yep, you might have heard it already, but as with so many other things in life, it all starts with our own individual self. And the reason I am saying this again here, is simply because once you can see that, kindness will just flourish naturally. If you can be kind to yourself and treat yourself with the love and care like you would for your nearest and dearest, well, that’s the most solid foundation you can have to share kindness with others. Once you truly appreciate yourself and the wonderful human being you are, you’ve got the space to share true kindness.

One of my best friends reminded me of that with her little story about waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror. “Do you ever greet yourself when you look in the mirror?”, she asked me. I had never even thought about that by then to be honest. For most of us, we wake up, and our first thought probably might be something along the lines of “ohhh no”, “look at that wrinkle on my face”, “my hair looks messy”, “I need a shower”, “what have I got on today?”. She used to do exactly the same until one day she started to greet herself first thing in the morning when looking in the mirror. At first, she would crack up about it and feel hilarious, but over time, she said it gave her such great energy and it definitely made her smile. Now that’s a start into the day, don’t you think? I can tell you, she is definitely one of the shiniest people I know and I’m pretty sure this little habit is part of the reason for that 🙂

Anyway, I’m not saying this is what you, I, have to do, but the point is that so often we take concepts like kindness to our external environment and apply them, which is great. Yet, can we make sure to apply them to ourselves, too? Start with yourself, be kind to your very self and watch the progression, the ripple effect it will have on everything else around you naturally.

Kindness beams from our heart, if we let it in to beam inside of us.

Sometimes we can get caught up in a busy day, frustration might pop up and emotions take their turns. Every situation is an opportunity for us to decide how we want to approach it and what we would like to see happening. If we decide from a place of kindness, well, I bet you a lot of situations feel so much better. If it all gets too tricky or too much, take a moment, breathe and gift yourself a smile. Being kind all starts with you and it really doesn’t take much.

Beaming with kindness - it all starts with you and how you treat yourself.

I would love to hear from you and your stories around kindness. Something someone has done for you, or how your kindness has touched someone else’s heart. Leave a comment and share 🙂

4 thoughts on “Some kind of kindness

  1. That photo brings a smile to my face. 🙂 I love the concept of greeting yourself in the mirror every morning with an attitude of kindness, rather than self-criticism. When I meet someone new, I tend to notice something about that person that appeals to me, whether it’s his/her smile, the sound of that person’s laugh, or something that he/she is wearing. Yet, we tend to be so critical toward ourselves! I believe that self-love and self-gratitude lead to a greater appreciation of the world around us, so why not greet ourselves with the same kindness we bestow upon our friends and loved ones? Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Lena.


    1. Thank you for taking the time and reading my post, Katia. I’m glad the photo made you smile 🙂 You sum it up so well: self-love and self-gratitude. That’s nicely said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts xx


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