Good times ‘til the 90+ years

You might have seen my Instagram post about the inspiring lady in her 90s who came to yoga class. Well at least to me that was a pretty inspiring moment. Not only that she attended the class and made it through on her own, but also just simply looking at her elegance and confidence. I was stunned.

As she was standing there with me waiting for the other class to finish, I noticed that she was wearing earrings and some matching bracelets. She had tied a delicate shawl around her neck and done up her hair. She looked perfectly ready for afternoon tea with her girlfriends, but no, she was there to attend yoga class. I was amazed simply by her appearance. It wasn’t like she made a big deal out of it, but to me it was impressive. By then I didn’t know that she was over 90 years old. I thought that she must have been quite old, but not 90 plus!!

Seeing her stretching on her knees and twisting from side to side, and simply taking it in her own pace, I thought to myself ‘THIS is why we are here today’. Practicing yoga is not another way to physically exercise and aiming to push our body to or even beyond its limits. Through yoga yes, we learn to take risks, open our mind, and try things out, but more than that we learn to accept and adapt to our very own needs. Rather than following a one-for-all sequence, yoga allows us to explore our own current state physically, mentally, and emotionally, and by doing so understanding what we really need to do to make ourselves feel better. This, eventually, leads us to create balance.

And this might or might not be why we practice yoga, but what I like about this story is that this lady was there bending up and down on her own and not once complaining about pain or sore joints. Now that to me is a lifetime goal. Being able to move around on my own, without pain when I’m old. But rather than thinking about what will be, this brought me back to where we are now. It is the moment right now that counts. The decisions we make today will affect our tomorrow.

How can we make the most of our NOW so that one day we don’t look back thinking ‘oh I should have, could have, …’.

Being in such a healthy state at that age, that’s motivation to make healthy choices each and every single day, don’t you think?

By focusing on allowing ourselves to be at our best every day, we build a strong, healthy foundation for all those many days to come.

Making every day count and being our best self.

And that brings me to three major areas that impact our every day beingness:

1. purpose

Whether it is our daily motivation or a big lifetime goal, every day is there for each of us to spend in whatever way we pursue. Once it’s over, it’s over. So what is it each day that we live up to? Diving into the moment and making the most of the time we have right now. Tomorrow will already be different all together.

2. gratitude

Rather than thinking back of what could have been or what might be, what if we are grateful for what has been; for what we have right now and who we are today. No one knows what the future has to offer, but if we appreciate what we have achieved so far and simply acknowledge that we are here, can bring so much joy and motivation.

3. habits

Now here we talk about a wide range. Whether the food we eat, to words we speak, or activities we do, our habits often let us take action without being consciously aware of it anymore.

Did I just say that? Do I really want to go running today or do my legs need a break? Is my body craving that coffee or do I need water? Do I want to watch TV or do my eyes need a break from screens? Should I take a break or work through?

Our body often tells us pretty clearly what it needs and by starting to listen properly we can make choices that benefit not only our physical body, but eventually also our mental and emotional state. Getting away from what we think is right because we see what others would do or expect us to do in that situation, and instead doing what we know is right for ourselves in that very moment, THAT really allows us to truly looking after ourselves.

Whatever it is we are aiming for, staying true to ourselves and our health is important every single day. What else is there if our health is gone? Let’s rock every day and make sure our 90s are one of the best years we are ever going to have 🙂

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