Give me DOUBT

Ah yes. There it is – sneaking in that little corner of our mind; rubbing against our thoughts; and squeezing in front of our next big decision. Doubt.

It kind of creates this feeling of unease. All of a sudden we are not sure anymore. We start questioning and overthinking.

Oh I’ve been there. I absolutely love overthinking things. So much that I can get stuck with the same thinking process over and over again.
Until this quote started to ring in my ears: “Doubt is our greatest teacher.”

One of my favourite yoga teachers put this quote out there into the class and had us think about it for a few minutes before continuing. True, makes sense we thought. It wasn’t until after class when he really had me thinking about it. Yes, doubt is when our intuition tells us something is not right. It comes from somewhere deep inside us. Somewhere that is rooted to our very own values.

So, why do we feel so funny about it? I talked about this a lot with other students, friends, teachers…and I guess what I took away from it is this: there are so many voices out there telling us what we HAVE to, SHOULD, COULD, MUST do. Honestly, have you seen the overwhelming supply of ‘how to’ guides on living our lives, being successful, making the right decisions, and so on. Not that they are not helpful – there is some pretty amazing advice out there. But what I also noticed is that with all that information available and having our questions answered by typing it into google search right away, when do we actually listen to our very own intuition?

There is an expert for everything nowadays. Again, this is not to say that this new extraordinary availability of information is not doing anything good, but sometimes it might be easier (and healthier) to get back to ourselves. Simply asking ourselves this one question: What do I want?

Or to make it a bit more dramatic:
What makes ME happy?

Listening to our own needs can make us feel so much better, happier, and just like being ourselves.When we truly listen to our own inner voice, the answer is often not far away.
Doubt tells us that somehow we are not feeling comfortable with what’s going on and rather than pushing it aside and instead ‘pushing through’, we might want to take more advantage of this little alarm bell. This is not the same as questioning ourselves and losing our confidence. Not at all. Listening to our own needs can make us feel so much better, happier, and just like being ourselves.

If doubt knocks on your door, open it. Maybe just a little, maybe all the way. At least listen to it for a little with an open heart and then move on.

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