An opportunity for my passion to run free

So I have been trying to find some dance classes to attend since we’ve moved. I went to a few different studios, went on roadtrips to attend workshops, tried auditions for local crews. And still it turns out to be harder than expected to get into the dance community here. I got to the point where I thought it might just not meant to be. But hey, that’s not the way to go. I have been craving to dance. Especially, some good classes to get inspiration from; to get that thrill back into my body pushing me to challenge myself and try new things; that energy that completely fulfills me and fires up my passion.

What do you do then if there is nothing close by? Well, I will take on opportunities to attend somewhere else instead. Simple as that. I have been part of a few crews, attended competitions and shows, taught a little bit here and there, but never really got into that professional flow. And yet, it is something I feel very passionate about. Why? I simply love it.

I love moving to the music, forgetting about everything around me. It puts me into this space where I let go and can play around within my own freedom; where I learn to appreciate and be inspired by others. I love coming together with other dancers who don’t care where you’ve been all that time, but made it to the class to do one thing: dance. And it absolutely fascinates me watching other great dancers bringing the room to life. Dancers of which some work very hard to get that one little step closer to their goal of becoming a professional artist and fully embrace each moment they can do so. Dancers from all walks of life who leave behind whatever happened during the day and unite sharing their passion. Dancers who tell their stories through the most stunning performances.

Being a passionate dancer, nothing can beat dancing with like minded people and being in the zone.That’s why I couldn’t help it, but when traveling for work recently and saw an opportunity to join a class with some of the dancers I know, I had to go. And I tell you, I had the best training in a long long time. Seeing not only some familiar faces, but also being pushed out of my comfort zone after not attending classes regularly, filled me with pure excitement. Yes, there were steps and moves that woke up muscles of my body that I didn’t even know were still there.

However, in that short time we had, I felt like I escaped whatever happened before and all that mattered was that moment of being there and enjoying myself. It didn’t matter whether I had trained recently or not. At least it didn’t matter to me and I guess that’s the most important – I felt super super happy and didn’t worry that I could not stay any longer for another class.

DSC_0061The opportunity given to me at that time was amazing and it showed me once again that being grateful for those moments is so much more powerful and fulfilling than trying to make up for things that we don’t have. It let me be passionate about my passion and it will make me attend next time an opportunity is coming up, so that an hour of training becomes more than a one-off experience.

If you have a passion that kind of is sitting in your pocket, I hope you do give it a chance. Even if it is just for a moment. It might be all it needs.

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