Nature is an artist

Nature is an artist who fascinates me over and over again.

Enjoying the beautiful view at Waiheke Island by Lena Pfitzner
A day out on Waiheke Island

If we sit patiently and watch; if we just be and embrace the moment, nature will embrace us with its stunning beauty. It has all the colors one can think of and it will surprise you with a new painting every single time as no two of its creations are the same.

So many of us get pulled into a rush of making things happen, bringing more extravagance into our lives, reaching higher to stand out. So many of us are hit by this wave of doing more, being more, wanting more.

Breathtaking sunset in Viseisei, Fiji by Lena Pfitzner
Sunset view in Viseisei, Fiji

Why? Aren’t we surrounded by truly amazing things every day? I believe so. When I get to see something like this colorful sunset in Fiji or the breathtaking view on the snow topped mountains in New Zealand, I feel not only happy, content and at peace, but also very lucky to have been in that place at that point of time. And it doesn’t require anything from me – all I have to do is watch and take it all in; simply enjoying the moment.

Nature doesn’t care who you are, where you come from, what you wear, or what you do. It won’t ask you to do more of this and that and it will not judge you if you haven’t achieved every single thing on your to-do list. Yet, it invites you, me, and everyone else to be fascinated, feel happy, and at peace. It offers us to see beauty in life like nothing else and it doesn’t ask anything from you and me in return. Simply be.

Stunning nature that no editing is needed when taking a photo in Queenstown, New Zealand by Lena Pfitzner
Enjoying some quiet time at the beautiful lake in Queenstown, New Zealand

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