Wanderlust 108

Sweat. Breathe. Smile. And just Be.

Deeeeeep, deep, deep breath in and a BIG breath out. Thinking back to a truly unique experience at the Wanderlust 108, my mind fills with plenty of wonderful memories.

Wanderlust 108 definitely was a triathlon of some different kind. As described by the event organisers, the mindful triathlon provided everything one could have asked for when seeking a beautiful, nourishing yoga experience.

Meeting lovely people to enjoy the Wanderlust 108 event with.

Arriving nice and early, I checked in and received some goodies to take away. This included a neat drink bottle and a bandana, which I would have loved to wear, but my head doesn’t seem to have a shape for holding anything wrapped around it. It looked so nice on those who did wear it – I ended up having mine wrapped around my wrist.
Next on the list was tribal markings, so off I went getting my face painted by a lovely lady, Koka, in peach and gold colours ready to shine all day. Little did she know that peach orange is one of my favourite colous and it made me smile when she chose it. That colour reminds me of so many amazing things – sunshine, summer, fresh fruits, beach, lightness, fun to name a few. You probably can imagine how having some of that right on my face made me feel just fabulous.

The park soon filled up with smiley people and yoga mats plastered the ground in front of the stage. What a great feeling I can tell you. And here I was ready to kick off the event with a 5km run.  Soon my heart beat was wide awake and ready for a day full of positive energy. I love running, so obviously I ran the 5km, but for those who wanted to take it a little slower, walking the route was just as fine, too. And that’s what I absolutely loved about the running part of the event. There was no pressure, no ‘this is how you do it’ instructions. You did what you felt was right for you. People were laughing and talking to one another, holding hands and singing along while making it to the finishing line.

The second part of the triathlon – the most important – was a yoga session. I never practiced yoga outdoors before, but I now can say that I truly enjoyed having that breeze, the sunshine wrapping around my skin and the feeling of endless space around me. Throughout the session our instructor brought the theme of kindness back to us: to be kind to ourselves and to the people surrounding us. There were certain moments, in which we supported each other throughout the practice by holding our neighbours’ backs when leaning forward or simply standing and taking in the moment. And this is something you probably hardly ever get when doing your usual yoga class – literally feeling the support from the people around you. Absolutely amazing!

Finishing off the yoga practice, we went straight into the last part of the triathlon, which was meditation. It was the first time that I joined a guided meditation practice and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. It was quite a calming experience and I felt relaxed and at ease simply sitting there with hundreds of beautiful, kind people. When opening my eyes at the end of it, my body felt light as if someone tidied up and threw out all those things that took up too much space. A great feeling!

The triathlon itself was a special, memorable experience and it didn’t stop there. With some additional activities such as aerial and acro yoga, I personally felt like exploring a completely different side of yoga. If you haven’t tried and get the chance to do so, go for it! It’s not only great fun, but you will become aware of parts and muscles in your body that you’ve probably never thought of before. Plus I was quite amazed to see how simple movements can turn out to look very impressive and are entertaining to watch.

Trying out acro yoga at Wanderlust 108 in Auckland.All in all, it was a day of great fun, lots of positive energy, and an experience filling my body and soul for sure. I made new friends meeting a bunch of kind, warm people and experienced yoga in a totally different setting from the usual class.
Now I know that the Wanderlust 108 is not happening all around the world (though there are a few events coming up, so keep an eye out), but if you ever get the chance to attend something similar or even change up your yoga practice to an outdoors session or simply trial a different class, do it. Sometimes it’s quite easy to stick to the same class, routine, schedule, but I believe as for yoga trying things out and truly listening to your body can bring your practice and passion to a new level. On top of that, it allows you to meet lots of like-minded people and be inspired.

Whatever it might be to bring that passion and inspiration to you, I hope you enjoy every single moment of that journey 🙂

Sweat. Breathe. Smile. And just Be.


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