Traveling and the beauty of life

Life is not rigid.
We cannot plan it or copy it from someone else. We are all different, every day is different. When we travel we can open doors leading us onto paths we have never imagined before. We then walk down routes that teach us the beauty of life. That life is diverse, unpredictable, always moving, and so precious.

The here and now is what counts as that will bring us to tomorrow. When we travel we learn that the here and now changes in different environments, for different people. We learn what the here and now looks like for us, what it CAN look like and more than that what it CAN feel like.

Loving to Travel

Traveling offers us an opportunity to appreciate our very own here and now; to appreciate who we are in the environment we are in and that there is no right or wrong to how that might feel.

Traveling can bring us to places far away from our ordinary life opening our eyes that life is not happening inside a box, but its real beauty emerges when we look beyond our own boundaries. That there is beauty in the unknown.

I absolutely love traveling for this very good reason. However, it is something I had to learn myself and it still is a journey that I once have started, but yet haven’t finished.

You will see posts about my trips and my hope is to share some of my memories with you. I hope to take you to some of these beautiful places through reading my stories and offering you a little piece from those moments that had an impact on me, that opened my eyes, and simply made me happy.

And if it’s just our minds traveling to places far away from us, let’s go onto this journey – you never know where life might take you.

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