A cup of happiness

Now I have to admit that I am not a big fan of shopping for myself, especially, when it comes to shoes! I honestly find it stressful, probably because I can’t make up my mind when it comes to choosing just one out of many beautiful items in front of me. More than that, I’m quite a practical, simple person, so I kind of like to go with ‘one covers all’ meaning, if I buy shoes, they need to do a good job in lots of different situations.

So I much prefer to shop for others. Yes, you guessed it – gift shopping that is. I absolutely love to get something I know someone would like and appreciate, but that’s another story I can tell you later about. Off I went on a mission to find some bits and pieces in this amazing, colourful store selling products from Natural Life. Have you seen their products? Oh, you have no idea. Where to start? All of their products are just beautiful and truly make me happy only by looking at them. From home decor to clothes, and accessories of all sorts. All of it shines in bright colours and makes me want to take them home.

A cup that not only looks like happiness but also brings happiness drinking from it thanks to Natural Life.
My favourite cup from Natural Life

That’s when I kind of lost track of my mission to buy some gifts, and instead found a cup that I couldn’t leave back there. I know, a cup doesn’t really sound exciting, but ever since I bought it, I use it every morning (and throughout the day) to have a cup of tea. And every time I use it, it makes me smile. One thing I liked about it right away is that it is BIG. Yes, not one of those tiny little cups where you take one sip and it’s empty. This one is big enough to warm up my hands while having breakfast and enjoy a fabulous tea. Though the most stunning thing about it is its simple, but cute design with a great message across it.

In most of the offices I worked in, and in most of the places I stayed at while travelling people would have their own cup. I guess, especially, with cups it seems we kind of like having our ‘one’, a special one that belongs to us. Whether it is because of the size, shape, or its design, or the fact that we’ve been gifted it by someone – something so simple can become something quite important to make one’s day and probably make us feel a little bit more comfortable.

To me it is kind of a little treat for myself every morning, which made me think how so many of us have such little things that bring us a piece of happiness. Whether it is a cup to enjoy your morning coffee or tea, or a handbag that accompanies you everywhere you go; maybe it’s a bracelet you received from someone special, or a key ring. Whatever it is – big or little – I hope it keeps on making you smile when you look at it and that it brings a moment of happiness into your day no matter what it may look like.

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