Hello Gorgeous

Oh hi there. Yes, you. Gorgeous you!
Well, you might have been in a situation where your friend, family member, partner, or even just a stranger has called you gorgeous, hun, lovely, or whatever kind nickname might have popped into their mind.

Beautiful people

I never really thought about why people would do that or more importantly, what impact it would have on someone until I walked into my Yoga class the other day and my teacher greeted me “Hi Hun”.
So to give you a bit of background, I had a terrible sleep that night, felt a little cranky and my mind went off doing its own thing overthinking little bits and pieces again and again. I decided to join the Yoga class that morning, because I knew that it would make me feel heaps better. So off I went and while my mind was still hanging in a cloud of thoughts my teacher’s words got to me. I stopped for a moment and had to smile.

Isn’t it truly fantastic, how such a small gesture can bring a smile to our face? Well, it did at least for me and I thought about it: whenever someone calls me hun, gorgeous, or some other kindhearted name, it does make me feel that little bit better. It kind of gives me a feeling of having a bit of a connection with that person, being appreciated, and welcomed. And to be honest, that is such a great feeling! Don’t you think?
It doesn’t even have to be something fancy at all. I realised that even just being greeted with my name “Hi Lena” creates (most of the times) a much nicer environment to start a conversation. I feel it shows the other person consciously took a moment to greet me, to be fully aware of me being there. It is even more overwhelming when it comes from someone I’ve only met once or twice and they do remember my name. To me this is a gesture of not only being kind but also thoughtful and caring.

In saying that though, I’d like to point out that yes, there can be a bit too much of this, too (as with everything). Just thinking back of trying to find some tights the other day and the shop assistant couldn’t help it but add a ‘oh honey, my dear, lovely’ to almost every sentence she was bubbling away. You probably know all too well what kind of situation I’m talking about here, right?
I’m sure she did mean well, but it did feel quite overwhelming and – to be very straight up – fake to me. Sometimes less is more and I guess what I’m trying to say is that appreciating one another a little bit by adding a kind note to the way we greet each other can work wonders. When what we say actually feels real and kind-hearted. Even genuinely asking how someone is doing or feeling – I am not talking about the fluffed up ‘How are ya?’ and then not wanting to hear the answer – can kick off a conversation in such a fantastic way.

Maybe we can all do a bit more of that and just take that little extra moment to acknowledge the wonderful people we surround ourselves with. Give it a go yourself and see what responses you get. Uh and please let me know, how it goes 🙂

Good luck, Gorgeous.

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