Hey, I’m Lena…

…I am a passionate world exploring networker, communicator, and instructor for yoga and dance.

I love to connect and celebrate good times together. My hope is to provide YOU with ideas, inspiration, and support for your own happiness journey; to make space for a smile whether in times of struggle or joy.

Are you ready?

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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Lena.
I am mostly known for my people passion. If you knew me as a child and teenager, you would have seen me a lot speaking up for my class mates and friends, running projects, and trying to bring back harmony when things turned upside down. And this is something I have been carrying with me ever since.

To date I have used my Communications degree in a variety of settings while exploring the world first hand. And this is where my passion comes to life: helping others like you to find balance and support them on their own journey of happiness.

I love serving the world by sharing my enthusiasm for all things communications, well being, and community support. Whether through writing, connecting people, or spending time in the studio teaching yoga and barre – whatever it is I can do to help YOU find your smile, that’s where I thrive.  

I’m the one asking you “Why not?” when in doubt and figuring out a solution that you feel comfortable with.

So let’s do this: bring on your smile and kick start your journey of happiness. 

Me. You. Happiness.

x Lena


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Upcoming Events

This workshop is for anyone who enjoys practicing yoga and would love to know that little bit more to get the most out of their practice.

We’ll TALK about the importance of our spine; what flexibility means (and why you don’t need to be super bendy to do yoga); and take a closer look at our breath and how all of this impacts our practice.

We’ll DO a nice flow sequence to warm up our bodies and bring awareness to how we feel in our asana, so that we can better understand what works for us and what doesn’t. We’ll also include a relaxation part and have a chat about why Savasana is such an integral part of our practice.

We’ll EXPLORE and break down some of the regular poses and find adjustments/modifications that work for you and your body.

Early bird (register by 26/04/19): $25
Regular: $30

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